Be resourced with great and godly principles to help you excel in your leadership capabilities and contexts.

The Master of Arts Leadership and Management (MALM) program integrates best practice leadership with biblical and theological truth to ensure a grasp on both “great” and “godly” principles to help you prepare personally, spiritually, and strategically for impact in leadership.

Choose courses from up to five areas of leadership and management: church, non-profit, business, politics, and education. As you study, you’ll work with experienced professors and leaders to develop a unique leadership strategy that will be effective in your context.


Mathieu Yuill (Class of '20)

To say the education I received at Briercrest was life changing would be an understatement. The masters program I participated in equipped me so well, I was able to pivot my career trajectory into something I love and am excellently equipped for.

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  • Requirements

The Master of Arts in Leadership and Management (MALM) is a professional degree designed to prepare students for exemplary Christian leadership and managerial support to local, regional, national and international organizations. Graduates of the program are equipped to plan, organize, lead, and direct nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, mission organizations and for-profit organizations in a variety of settings. The MALM is well-suited for students who have an interest and are gifted in the art and science of leadership. Individuals who desire to make a significant contribution in a variety of leadership roles will find themselves challenged as they expand their understanding and skills as a leader in the twenty-first century. An added feature of this program is that each student will be guided toward the development of a leadership specialization or accreditation that equips them to take their leadership to the next level.

Credit Hours: 60

I. Core (12 credit hours)
CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry
BLST 606 New Testament Survey*
BLST 601 Old Testament Survey*
THEO 601 Christian Theology Overview*

II. Leadership and Management (24 credit hours)
LE 603 Leadership and Management Foundations
LE 605 Personal and Service Development
   OR LE 848 Leadership Resilience
LE 701 Strategic Thinking, Learning & Planning
   OR **LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management
LE 601 Organizational Development and Renewal
   OR LE 845 Governance & Board Development
LE 703 Coaching and Mentoring Strategies
   OR LE 744 Leadership and Team Development
LE 742 Change, Power, and Conflict Management
   OR LE 842 Leadership Communication for a Change

Choose two (2) of the following:
LE 849 Leadership and Management Current Issues
LE 849 Leadership and Management Current Issues
Leadership and Management Elective
Leadership and Management Elective

III. Leadership and Management Specialization*** (15 credit hours)
RD 703 Research for Leadership and Management
   OR **LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management
RD 809 Specialty Research Project
   OR RD 806 Reading Course****
LE 850 Leadership Specialization Toward Next Level of Development, Experience, Credentialing/Certification (9 credit hours)

IV. Electives (9 credit hours)

V. Non-Credit Requirements
PRT 800 Learning Portfolio and Interview

* With permission of the program coordinator, a student with sufficient background New Testament, Old Testament or Theology may replace the specified course with an elective from the respective discipline.
** If LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management is used to fill the Research course requirement, LE 701 Strategic Thinking, Learning and Planning must fill the requirement above.
*** All courses in this section will be designed to build a set of specialized understandings and competencies (e.g., church leadership; business leadership; non-profit leadership; educational leadership; political leadership) with the guidance of the program coordinator.  This could be a combination of courses in leadership and management offered by Briercrest or offered elsewhere (but approved by Briercrest); an internship for part or the whole of 9 credits; or the pursuit of certification or credentialing.
**** In the event that the student chooses to complete RD 808 Thesis (9 c.h.), rather than a Reading Course or SRP, they would need to adjust their course elective choices accordingly.


Ellen Duffield   MALM
Adjunct Faculty - Leadership and Management
Paul Magnus   PhD
Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management (Former)
Jay Mowchenko   DMin
Paul E. Magnus Chair of Leadership and Management Studies, Assistant Professor of Leadership and Management
Michael Pawelke   DMin
Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Studies
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